May 10

Yoga Instructor Kevin Naidoo Discusses Vision Improvements After Stem Cell Treatment [Video]

Kevin Naidoo , a yoga instructor from Saskatoon, Canada recently returned home from his stem cell treatment “adventure” in Bangkok, Thailand to treat his Optic Nerve Atrophy (ONA) which was caused by Glaucoma, which is an increase of intra-ocular pressure that can damage the optic nerve. His treatment utilized adult stem cells and treatment protocols from Beike Biotechnology. Kevin’s father researched the condition thoroughly, spending countless hours and nights on the internet and phone until finding Beike’s stem cell research and protocols and brought this to Kevin who was willing to give the therapy a try. This sparked a fundraising campaign which led to much news coverage and gave Kevin a platform in which to share his story and the disappointment that many others face when confronted with conditions such as Glaucoma. At diagnosis, Kevin was told that there were no substantial therapies available in North America and that a condition like Glaucoma is something you just “go home and get comfortable with.”

Mar 31

[Video Update] Jack Pearce Returns for Intensive Stem Cell Program

As you may know, in the summer of 2015 Jack Pearce underwent our revolutionary spinal epidural stimulation and stem cell treatment program with much success. Within weeks he regained voluntary movement just as all others who have utilized this breakthrough technology have. A key factor in the speed of improvement compared to similar programs is the comprehensive treatment protocol combining Beike Biotechnology’s proprietary allogenic stem cells and a functional medicine based rehabilitation program, Stem Cell Plus+™. For this round of treatment Jack received a total of 10 allogenic umbilical cord derived stem cell injections, consisting of 6 umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell packs (UCMSCs) and 4 umbilical cord blood stem cell packs (UCBSCs) totaling a minimum of 410 million stem cells. These were administered via intravenous and lumbar puncture injection.

Jan 14

Beike Biotechnology and Better Being Hospital Reaffirm Partnership to Start 2016

The end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 hosted some important meetings between the management of Better Being Hospital (BBH) and their cell therapy provider, Beike Biotechnology. The 4th quarter of 2015 started with Dr. Ice of BBH visiting Beike’s state of the art headquarters in Shenzhen, China with the rest of the medical staff and management visiting in December to see the new accredited laboratories in the Beike Building. Then, to start off the new year, Beike’s Chief Operating Officer Enrico Bisello made a trip to Bangkok to visit the patients currently undergoing treatment and to reaffirm BBH and Beike’s partnership and long term commitment to helping patients.

Jan 8

Aquatic Therapy Supplements Stem Cell Therapy in Stoke, Ataxia, SCI & More [Video]

Here at Beike Biotechnology we believe in a holistic approach to health and rehabilitation. Therefore, when patients arrive to Better Being Hospital and receive our stem cell treatment they can also receive a therapy that is focused on improving balance, muscle strength, pain reduction and supports better management of neurological conditions. Due to the relaxing nature and support of the water it is a great physical therapy option for patients of all ages and varying conditions.

What is Aquatic Therapy?
Aquatic Physical Therapy is the practice of physical therapy in an aquatic environment by a physical therapist. The unique properties of the aquatic environment enhance interventions for patients with neurological or muscular skeletal conditions. Aquatic therapy includes a wide range of techniques, including aquatic bodywork, physical therapy, aquatic exercise, and other movement-based therapy performed in water. The therapy is designed to improve function, muscular strength, body mechanics and stabilization. Aquatic therapy works to enhance the rehabilitation process and support the effectiveness of stem cell treatment.

Dec 16

Using Acupuncture with Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Neurological Pain and More [Video]

Patients receiving Beike Biotechnology’s stem cell treatment also receive a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) staple. Acupuncture is a reliable treatment to improve the body’s blood flow, reduce muscle and neurological pain, and even enhance the effectiveness of stem cell therapy.

What is acupuncture?
Acupuncture is a treatment that stimulates specific sites of the body by using massage, heat, pressure, or thin needles to penetrate the skin at various depths. These specific sites are called ‘acupuncture points’ a point where muscle, nerves and connective tissue can be simultaneously stimulated. There are over 350 acupuncture points positioned on 12 meridians (pathways) throughout the body. Stimulation of these points activates the body’s natural painkillers as well as increasing blood flow. This is highly beneficial for stem cell patients as it enhances the reparative response of the treatment, increases movement of natural immune cells, anti-inflammatory cells and key nutrients significant in healing, thereby accelerating recovery and rehabilitation.

Nov 14

World Diabetes Day | Published Stem Cell Research Shows Treatment Options

On World Diabetes Day it is important to reflect on diabetes and what options exist today. The world diabetes day website predicts that by 2040, over 640 million people may be living with diabetes, and started a campaign to “halt the diabetes epidemic.” Forbes even begs the question, “What exactly are we celebrating?”

The clinical research below shows that adult stem cells suppress the immune attack and pancreatic damage. We believe the effects, which started at 4 months after the treatment and continued up to 12 months, involve a change in the disease prognosis and could mean a delay in disease evolution. It shows that stem cell therapy is an alternative to insulin treatment and an option to improve the life quality of patients with type 1 diabetes and delay the onset of complications

This research was co-published by Beike Biotechnology’s founder, Dr. Xiang Hu. At this time, more than 500 patients have been treated with Beike produced adult stem cells.

Nov 12

Spinocerebellar Ataxia Patient Alexandra’s Adult Stem Cell Treatment Brings Speech Improvement [Video]

As with many other Ataxia patients, the progressive loss of basic motor functions, speech and balance came as a sudden shock. Simple tasks that were taken for granted were now daily obstacles. This was life for Alexandra Neumann until she found Beike Biotechnology and the adult stem cells they have provided for over 750 Ataxia patients.

Alexandra was diagnosed with Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 1 in 2013. Mood swings, loss of balance and slurred speech were the symptoms that ultimately led her to seeking medical help. While there is still great research into this condition, not much is known about the various Ataxia diagnoses. In Alexandra’s case it seems genetic since her mother also had this condition. With the lack of information comes a severe lack in treatment options for Ataxia, leaving adult stem cell treatment as the most effective treatment option to date.

Oct 16

Miles Price to Offer Comprehensive Functional Medicine Evaluation for Adult Stem Cell Patients

As you may well know, functional medicine is the foundation of our adult stem cell treatment and protocols. This exclusive combination aims to create the ideal environment in the body for the stem cells to target the area of injury or disease. This is done by treating the patient as a whole and looking for the root cause of the condition, not merely treating the symptoms; it is a systemic approach and one that has helped patients around the world. The combination of Beike Biotechnology’s adult stem cells with a functional medicine base is the most comprehensive stem cell treatment available worldwide.

Miles Price is a functional medicine practitioner based in Hong Kong. He will now be offering his pre- and post-treatment evaluation services exclusively to our patient’s seeking adult stem cell treatment.

Sep 17

SCI Stem Cell Patient Jack Pearce Returns Home, Releases Documentary [Video]

In July United States-based spinal cord injury (SCI) patient Jack Pearce and his wife Ellie traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to document himself receiving adult stem cell treatment combined with an epidural stimulator to dispel or validate these procedures for the SCI community. To do this he worked with the treatment center Better Being Hospital and stem cell producer Beike Biotechnology Co., Ltd to create a six-part video series to document the various aspects of the treatment and to track his improvements. These results are to be validated by Brooks Rehabilitation in Jacksonville, Florida who did pre-treatment assessments and will monitor the ongoing stem cell activity and continue his physical therapy with the epidural stimulator. Jack is now safely home in Florida and is taking stock of his improvements and preparing for the next stage of documentation.

Aug 28

Dr. Ice, Acupuncture Specialist Visits Beike Headquarters

This month the Beike Headquarters was treated to a visit from Dr. Augchara Yaovapak, or more simply known to Better Being Hospital patients as Dr. Ice. Within Beike and Better Being’s continued collaborations, Dr. Ice will help oversee patient’s medical forms and build their stem cell treatment plan following Beike’s recommended protocols. While young, Dr. Ice has a strong medical background and much hands-on experience with patients seeking stem cell treatment.

Dr. Ice graduated from the Faculty of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2014. Her area of expertise is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including TCM and Tung Acupuncture, Tuina (Chinese massage therapy), Moxibustion, Cupping, Chinese herbal medicine, Orthopaedic and Gynecology TCM. She has been working with Better Being Hospital for one year and has worked in other international hospitals around Asia prior to settling in Bangkok.

Aug 14

Stem Cells Give Ataxia Patient Juliet New Lease On Life [Video]

Imagine the feeling of slowly losing your balance, feeling weakness in your muscles and increased levels of fatigue. Imagine being told by the doctor that you will be unable to do every day tasks that could be completed so easily. For Juliet Govender, a resident of South Africa, this was a reality.

It was 2010 when Juliet first experienced these symptoms. She noticed that she had difficulties with balance, gait, speech and drooping eyelids. After a misdiagnosis, Juliet’s health deteriorated to the point that she was incapable of climbing stairs and walking without assistance by the end of 2013. She consulted a different neurologist who diagnosed her with Type 1 Spinocerebellar Ataxia.

Aug 10

Life After Stem Cell Treatment For CP Patient Flynn [Video]

Flynn Rigby is a 13-year-old boy from Cairns, Australia who was born 16 weeks premature. His parents noticed that every stage of Flynn’s development was delayed. In particular, his fine motor skills and speech were affected. On consulting doctors and specialists, Flynn was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

However, Jenni and Frazer Rigby were determined to find a solution. After carrying out extensive research on their son’s condition, they decided that stem cell therapy would be the most effective. The expectation from the first stem cell treatment was that Flynn would be able to talk, which he was unable to do by the age of 9.

Aug 7

Adult Stem Cells Restore Lost Eyesight in ONA Patient Trelle [Video]

After getting into a car accident in eighth grade, Texas native Trelle Dandridge developed Optic Nerve Atrophy (ONA), which caused her vision to deteriorate over several years to the point where she had to resign from her dream job.

ONA is a mild to severe damage to the optic nerve that can adversely affect central vision, peripheral vision and color vision.

In Trelle’s case, she suffered head trauma in the car accident and shortly after experienced a strange sensation. “[I] noticed my head felt very, very large, abnormally large. My mom and sister who were also in the car accident said it looked fine, other than some cuts from glass.” Her mother, a nurse, monitored her and all seemed fine until her mother realized Trelle didn’t notice when she walked away from her at a grocery store.

Aug 6

Stem Cell Therapy Empowers Patient To Pursue Dreams

Like countless other girls, Virali Modi dreamt of being a model and actress. However, unlike them, Virali was left wheelchair-bound after a trip to India in 2006. The American of Indian-origin was hospitalised for months, where she slipped in and out of coma whilst fighting for her life. The diagnosis was chronic transverse myelitis, an inflammatory condition that leads to spinal cord injury.

Instead of abandoning her career aspirations, Virali was determined to recover and underwent three rounds of stem cell therapy to regain mobility in her limbs. After five years of extensive treatment, Virali can now walk using a support and can carry out day-to-day tasks independently. Competing in a beauty pageant called Miss Wheelchair India last year was a step towards pursuing her ambitions.

Jul 28

Twins with Cerebral Palsy See Improvements from Stem Cell Treatment

Triplets Ali, Abdulla, and Mohamed were born premature at 25 weeks, all suffering from cerebral hemorrhaging. Due to the bleeding Ali passed away after 3 months. While the twins Abdulla and Mohamed survived, both had serious problems in the intensive care unit; Abdulla had a shunt but he was more stable than Mohamed whose brain white matter was effected by the bleeding. Both now live with Cerebral Palsy (CP) which greatly alters their quality of life and ability to live independently.

Thankfully, a trip to Better Being Hospital (BBH) for treatment with Beike Biotechnology adult stem cells has given them and their parents hope where there was none before, and both twins are seeing big changes in their spasticity, motor function, eyesight, and general behavior.