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Delivering High Potency Stem Cell Therapy

Beike’s stem cells have been used to treat all types of Multiple Sclerosis since 2005. Starting in 2015, Beike’s improved MS protocol utilizes a significantly higher and more effective dosage of adult stem cells to both more effectively treat Multiple Sclerosis while minimizing the time and cost of this therapy.
The aim of our treatment is to regenerate the Myelin sheaths (part of neurons affected in multiple sclerosis) and modulate the immune response by using stem cell transplantation. To do so, stem cells are injected in great quantity through IVs and lumbar punctures in order to maintain high efficacy and safety.


Our stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis can potentially bring improvements in Motor Function, Sensitivity, Balance, Coordination, Neuropathic Pain, Fatigue, Vision, Tremors, Bladder & Bowel Control and more.*
It is important to remember that the treatment is not a cure. Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive condition and the aim of the treatment is to temporarily reverse the disease symptoms to achieve better quality of life. Upon receiving your medical information our doctors can give you additional guidance regarding your particular condition.

*As with any stem cell therapy, improvements may vary from patient to patient and cannot be guaranteed.

What Makes This MS Treatment Unique?

We understand that Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive condition and that time, cost, and effectiveness matter. In order to maximize the efficiency and minimize the cost, this specially designed MS protocol utilizes high dosage of umbilical cord stem cells with less injections. This unique protocol allows for only 4 injections of stem cells totaling more than 200 million cells over 8 days, utilizing UCMSC + UCBSC stem cells for improved efficacy. The higher dosage has been shown to slow the disease progression and treat MS symptoms. Please see below to compare the protocols.

Previous Treatment New 2015
Stem Cell Treatment
30 days 8 days
Shorter stay, less cost and hassle
120 million stem cells 200 million stem cells*
Increased regenerative potential
6 injections 3 to 4 injections
Fewer injections, faster recovery
UCMSC stem cells
UCMSC + UCBSC stem cells**
Combining stem cell types for improved efficacy
Supportive Therapies Included Optional Supportive Therapies
Still available at additional cost
$26,300 USD $12,000 USD
Convenient protocol designed for you
*The exact number of stem cell injections will be decided during the acceptance process.
**RH negative patients may receive UCMSC stem cells only.

Treatment Location

Beike Biotechnology is partnered with the Better Being Hospital (BBH) in Bangkok, Thailand, to provide the most extensive treatment available for our patients. This partnership brings stem cells therapy to another level as BBH is the first accredited center in Asia for functional medicine.
Read more about BBH

Injection Methods

The medical team at the center uses a combination of two injection methods for our patients diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis: intravenous and lumbar puncture. For details regarding the purpose and procedure of each injection type please click below:

Intravenous Injection (IV)

Based on the clinical data and research stem cells do cross the blood-brain-barrier when injected systemically thus IVs injections carry the same treatment effectiveness as compared to spinal injections. Moreover hematopoietic stem cells (which are part of our UCBSC stem cells) tend to work better when injected systemically.

The Intravenous (IV) delivery method is a very simple process and should already be familiar to most patients. A tubing line with a catheter tip threaded over a needle is placed into the patient’s vein. Once proper placement is obtained, the needle portion is removed and the flexible plastic catheter is left in place in the vein with the tubing attached. The stem cell solution mixed with the cord blood serum will be administered through the IV (after the evaluation by local medical staff, Dexamethasone may be considered beforehand to avoid any potential allergic reactions). Typically no sedation is required for this procedure. The entire IV injection process takes less than 45 minutes to complete.

Lumbar Puncture (LP)

A lumbar puncture is also commonly referred to as a spinal tap. It is a procedure used to access the cerebrospinal fluid of the brain and spinal cord and helps to deliver stem cells directly into the cerebral spinal fluid, bypassing the blood-brain barrier. Our doctors have determined that this is the least invasive method for delivering stem cells directly into the central nervous system. Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) is used by the body to provide protection for the brain and spinal cord, limiting the possibility of injury to these areas. The body constantly produces CSF and thus any withdrawn fluid is naturally replaced within a few hours.

Patient Testimonies

Below are video interviews recorded during treatment with Beike stem cells regarding patient experience including the improvements they have noticed following the treatment. The improvements mentioned in these videos are typical in patients with Multiple Sclerosis, however it does not guarantee that all patients may have improvement.