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Better Being Hospital and Beike Biotechnology Reaffirm Partnership

Beike Biotechnology and Better Being Hospital Reaffirm Partnership to Start 2016 The end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 hosted some important meetings between the management of Better Being Hospital (BBH) and their cell therapy provider, Beike Biotechnology. The 4th quarter of 2015 started with Dr. Ice of BBH visiting Beike’s state ... read more


Aquatic Therapy Supplements Stem Cell Therapy in Stroke, Ataxia, SCI & More

Here at Beike Biotechnology we believe in a holistic approach to health and rehabilitation. Therefore, when patients arrive to Better Being Hospital and receive our stem cell treatment they can also receive a therapy that is focused on improving balance, muscle strength, pain reduction and supports better management of neurological ... read more


Dr. Ice, Acupuncture Specialist Visits Beike Headquarters

This month the Beike Headquarters was treated to a visit from Dr. Augchara Yaovapak, or more simply known to Better Being Hospital patients as Dr. Ice. Within Beike and Better Being’s continued collaborations, Dr. Ice acupuncture specialist will help oversee patient’s medical forms and build their stem cell treatment plan ... read more

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Allogeneic Adult Stem Cells Restore Endothelial Function in Heart Failure

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause for deaths globally. Recent studies show that allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells are able to restore endothelial function in heart failure by stimulating progenitor cells. Research such as this marks a significant turning point in the manner that heart failure is treated. What causes heart failure Heart ... read more


Adult Stem Cell Advocates Push for Treatments

The obvious need for stem cell research and increasing public support has been highlighted regularly the last few years, and the reality is that this ‘future treatment’ is available now. More recently however, adult stem cell advocates are urging U.S. lawmakers to pass a re-authorization bill that would continue funding ... read more


Cord Blood Awareness Month – Why Is It Important?

July marks Cord Blood Awareness Month. With around 360,000 babies born every day, the amount of cord blood available has skyrocketed in the past decade. Cord blood banking is becoming an increasingly popular choice for expectant parents for their children to use in the future. So, what is cord blood ... read more

Cost and comparison diagram of Stem Cells

Cost of Stem Cell Transplant

Stem cell treatment is regularly in the news around the world. Mostly the topics revolve around safety, efficacy, or ethics. Lately however, the price of these treatments has also been highlighted. Our stem cell provider, Beike Biotechnology, recently released their new stem cell therapy protocol in hopes of cutting treatment cost. ... read more

Ivory Junior and BBH nutritionist showing healthy food to patients from Brazil

Personalized Nutrition Counseling at Better Being Hospital

At Better Being Hospital one of the first questions Dr. Torsak asks patients is, “How is your diet?” While this may sound strange to some, it is a vital question when it comes to treating chronic conditions systemically. In addition to being monitored by a team of nutritionists, our patients ... read more

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Diet Found to be a Leading Factor in ALS

According to new research on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a patient’s diet is a leading factor in the development and treatment of this devastating motor neuron disease. Evidence of Fungal Infection in Cerebrospinal Fluid and Brain Tissue from Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis was found. ALS has now been proven to ... read more

High potency adult stem cells being prepared in a laboratory

High Potency Stem Cell Injection Protocol for Degenerative Conditions

Umbilical cord derived adult stem cells Beike Biotechnology is recommending a new protocol for degenerative conditions utilizing higher quantities of umbilical cord derived adult stem cells. The treatment reduces both the time and cost required due to less injections with each packet containing a more concentrated amount of cells. This ... read more