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EmQuartier shopping mall in Bangkok,

The EmQuartier Shopping Mall Adds Convenience for BBH Patients

Bangkok has a new luxury shopping mall, but it isn’t like the rest in this bustling metropolis. The EmQuartier, conveniently located walking-distance from Better Being Hospital, will feature over 1,000 foreign and local brands, international and local cuisine, and boasts plenty of green space. In addition to world-class shopping, the ... read more


International Zumba Marathon to Raise Money for Stem Cell Treatment

On April 18th, 2015, Zumba practitioners from 5 countries will use the internet to connect in a Zumba marathon to dance and support Joaquin Chanquia for him to receive a stem cell treatment in Thailand. Through an international fundraising activity, the parents of Joaquin Chanquia expect to raise money to ... read more

Health insurance claim form

Does medical insurance cover stem cell therapy?

The answer is not yet clear, however in Greenville, Michigan a dental hygienist, Lori Mills, has been approved to receive a stem cell transplant under her Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance coverage plan. While stem cell therapy is usually not covered under insurance, Lori fought for coverage and things have ... read more

whole green apples

Nurture & Nutrition

Food is by far the biggest concern for most patients coming to Thailand. They usually don’t know what to expect, how different it is from their eating habits back in their home countries and there are always doubts as to whether they will be able to adapt to a new ... read more

hands showing support

Funding Your Stem Cell Treatment

A stay in the average U.S. hospital for a serious procedure can cost a small fortune, sometimes up to $10,000 USD a night. That doesn’t mean that stem cell therapy is cheap – rather that it is relatively affordable. While stem cell science is still advancing, and even our research ... read more

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