Ataxia Female, 59 years old, March – April 2018


Admission dateDischarge date

Condition On Admission

The patient was diagnosed with ataxia in May 2017. At treatment admission she had an unsteady gait and general balance problems. She had to use a walker to move around.

Treatment Schedule

NumberDateCell TypeDelivery MethodSide Effects

Condition 1 month after treatment

Condition at 1 month after treatment: ​The patient reported small improvements, mostly in coordination, balance, walking, fine hand movements including handwriting and overall general physical health. The patient’s local noticed how well she was walking compared to before the treatment.

Condition 6 months after treatment

Condition at 6 months after treatment: ​The patient reported moderate improvements. She would now walk independently and was able carry things e.g. a tea cup, a dinner plate or a washing basket. Her local doctor mentioned that her balance and walking had improved.

Condition 12 months after treatment

Condition at 12 months after treatment: ​The patient mentions that she had important improvements since the end of the treatment. She is now able to walk unassisted with much better balance and she feels like the improvements have reached their peak and are stable. The patient’s local doctor confirmed that she was now able to walk unassisted.


Parents’ Assessment of Improvement


Significant improvement

Control of movement

Significant improvement

Fine hand movements

Significant improvement


Significant improvement


Significant improvement