Case Study Optic Nerve Hypoplasia Female, 16 months old, January – July 2011


Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH) / Septooptic Dysplasia (SOD)Female 16 monthsIrish
InjectionsCell typeAdmission dateDischarge date

Condition On Admission

The patient had bilateral vision deterioration and a development delay since she was 5 months old. On physical examination her eyeballs were normal and pupils were equal and reactive to light. She could recognize light and darkness. Nystagmus was present. She could not look at objects and mostly let her head hang down to the floor when sitting.

Treatment Schedule

The patient received 8 umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cell (UCMSC) packets by intravenous (IV) injections as per the schedule below:

NumberDateCell TypeDelivery MethodSide Effects
12011-01-19UCMSCIntravenous Injectionnone reported
22011-01-21UCMSCIntravenous Injectionnone reported
32011-01-24UCMSCIntravenous Injectionnone reported
42011-01-28UCMSCIntravenous Injectionnone reported
52011-02-11UCMSCIntravenous Injectionnone reported
62011-02-16UCMSCIntravenous Injectionnone reported
72011-02-21UCMSCIntravenous Injectionnone reported
82011-02-25UCMSCIntravenous Injectionnone reported

Condition at discharge

Stem cell treatment was completed without any adverse events or side effects. At the end of the treatment period the patient was able to reach out and grasp objects 50cm in front of her and track light with her eyes. There was also a decrease in the nystagmus.

Condition 1 month after treatment

One month after their daughter’s treatment the parents completed a Beike follow-up survey and in this survey they reported that their daughter had made significant progress in her physical condition and that her quality of life had significantly improved. At the time they also felt that new improvements were still being made by their daughter.

Condition 12 months after treatment

Please see an excerpt from the patient’s 12 month assessment below:

SymptomParents’ Assessment of Improvement
BlindnessSignificant improvement
Light perceptionSignificant improvement
Ability to see hand movementSignificant improvement
Vision in left eyeSignificant improvement
Vision in right eyeSignificant improvement
Night visionSignificant improvement
Ability to see things at a close distanceSignificant improvement
NystagmusSignificant improvement
StrabismusSignificant improvement