Optic nerve hypoplasia (ONH), Female, 6 years old, Dec – Jan 2018


Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH) / Septooptic Dysplasia (SOD)Female6USA
Admission dateDischarge date

Condition On Admission

Baylie had learning disability. She had Diabetes Insipidus and autistic behaviors. She did not talk but could understand. She was affected by constipation and lack of sleep. She did not walk and she was totally blind from birth but she gained a little bit of sight overtime.

Treatment Schedule

NumberDateCell TypeDelivery MethodSide Effects
12018-12-21UCMSCIVnone reported
22018-12-25UCMSCLPnone reported
32018-12-25UCMSCRBnone reported
42018-12-28UCMSCIVnone reported
52018-12-28UCMSCRBnone reported
62020-01-02UCMSCLPnone reported

Condition 6 months after treatment

Condition 6 months after treatment: At the 6 month follow up point, Baylie’s family mentioned: “Baylie can now see up to about 2 to 3 feet. She is starting to focus on things and look at them instead of feeling for them. Amazing improvement. Baylie has muscle tone improvement. She is definitely more active and her posture is way better.”

Please see an excerpt from the family’s 6 month assessment below:

SymptomParents’ Assessment of Improvement
Ability to focus eyes quicklyModerate improvement
Ability to keep eyes focused for a long timeSmall improvement
Ability to see hand movementSignificant improvement
Ability to see things at a close distanceSignificant improvement
Ability to see things at a far distanceModerate improvements
Ability to see things clearlyModerate improvements
Able to count fingersSignificant improvement
BlindnessSignificant improvement
Colour visionSignificant improvement
Light perceptionSignificant improvement
Night visionModerate improvements
NystagmusModerate improvements
StrabismusSmall improvement
Vision in left eyeSignificant improvement
Vision in right eyeSignificant improvement
Visual fieldSignificant improvement