Spina Bifida Male – 13 years – July 2012


Spina BifidaMale 13 yearsSerbia
InjectionsCell typeAdmission dateDischarge date

Condition On Admission

The doctor’s physical assessment of the patient upon admission found the patient had normal facial symmetry, sensation, and shoulder shrug. Motor neurological examinations showed an upper limbs score of 5 (full power), a proximal lower limbs score of 4, and a distal lower limbs score of 1. The coordinated movement of the upper limbs was normal but the patient could not move his legs at will. The patient could not move his feet but local muscle contraction could be observed. There was a loss of sensation in both ankles and around the tailbone and perineum. The loss of sensation in this area also caused a dysfunction of the sphincter of Oddi.

Treatment Schedule

The patient received 6 umbilical cord blood-derived stem cell (UCBSC) packets by intravenous (IV) injections as per schedule below.

NumberDateCell TypeDelivery MethodSide Effects
12012-07-04UCBSCIntravenous Injectionnone reported
22012-07-09UCBSCIntravenous Injectionnone reported
32012-07-13UCBSCIntravenous Injectionnone reported
42012-07-18UCBSCIntravenous Injectionnone reported
52012-07-23UCBSCIntravenous Injectionnone reported
62012-07-27UCBSCIntravenous Injectionnone reported

Condition at discharge

There were no remarkable changes in the patient’s condition during treatment.

Condition 1 month after treatment

One month following his treatment the patient’s family submitted his follow up assessment. They reported he had experienced good improvements in many symptom areas and that his quality of life had significantly improved. The patient himself described the major improvements he was experiencing as such: “I’m starting to feel the feet, and tingling from the knee down.”

Please see the excerpt below from their one month post-treatment assessment:

SymptomFamily Own  Assessment of Improvement
BalanceModerate improvement
Movement in generalModerate improvement
WalkingModerate improvement
Standing upModerate improvement
Overall strengthSignificant improvement
Limb muscle strengthModerate improvement
Trunk muscle strengthModerate improvement
Range of movementSignificant improvement