Stroke Female, 36 years old, February – March 2019


StrokeFemale 36 yearsBrazil
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Condition On Admission

The patient suffered from a stroke in July 2016. Before receiving stem cell treatment, the patient had mild spasticity in the upper right limb with loss of movement, muscle weakness in the upper and lower limbs, and she had difficulty speaking. Before starting treatment, the patient had given up hope on regaining arm movement.

Treatment Schedule

The patient received 6 umbilical cord blood-derived stem cell (UCBSC) packets by intravenous infusion (IV) and Intrathecal Injection (LP), as per the schedule below:

NumberDateCell TypeDelivery MethodSide Effects
12019-02-18UCBSCIntravenous Injectionnone reported
22019-02-22UCBSCIntrathecal Injectionnone reported
32019-02-25UCBSCIntrathecal Injectionnone reported
42019-03-01UCBSCIntrathecal Injectionnone reported
52019-03-05UCBSCIntrathecal Injectionnone reported
62019-03-08UCBSCIntravenous Injectionnone reported

Condition 3 months after treatment

3 months after the treatment​, significant improvements in speech and spasticity in the arms have already been noticed. The patient still had difficulty moving her arm and had no movements in her hand and fingers. However, her doctors believe that she has a good chance of improving more, taking into account the progress she has already made.


Parents’ Assessment of Improvement


Moderate improvements


Moderate improvements

Fine hand movements

Small improvements


Not applicable

Control of movement

Moderate improvements

Muscle stiffness

Not applicable


Moderate improvements


Moderate improvements


Small improvements