Stem Cell Therapy for Cri-du-chat Syndrome

⏲️ 3 mins read Diagnosis: Cri-Du-Chat Syndrome Age: 7 years old Nationality: Brazilian Treatment Period: 23 days (March/ April 2019) Treatment Protocol: 6 pack of Stem Cells – UCBSC with Supportive Therapies + 6 NGF  Treatment Location: Better Being Hospital – Bangkok, Thailand Condition During pregnancy everything went normal, Lorena’s … read more

Cerebral Palsy Patient Sees Improvements After Stem Cell Therapy


Cerebral Palsy Patient Sees Improvements After Stem Cell Therapy Samuel and his family recently came back for a second round of treatment with Beike stem cells. When Samuel was born in Portugal in 2013, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a result of neonatal hypoglycemia, which is a blood sugar deficiency … read more

Study Finds Umbilical Cord Derived Stem Cells Effective in Cerebral Palsy Patients

Stem cell therapy - Embryonic

Is there cure for cerebral palsy? A study has been done on the efficacy of human umbilical cord blood mesenchymal stem cell infusion for children with cerebral palsy. CP currently has two generally successful methods of treatment, stem cell therapy and rehabilitation. Typically, in stem cell therapy it is more … read more

U.S. Cord Blood Bank May Help Characterize Cerebral Palsy Patients, Study Shows


Study for Cerebral Palsy Patients At Longitudinal Umbilical Stem Cell Monitoring and Treatment Research (LUSTRE), a private U.S. cord blood bank, researchers say registry data may be able to provide important insight into patients with cerebral palsy. The study compared children with cerebral palsy enrolled in LUSTRE to children of the … read more

CP Patient Returns for 7th Round Treatment


Two years ago in November of 2014 we documented CP patient Alexandru’s returns for his 7th stem cell treatment (watch below) and just six months later we received a home video from his parents showing him walking once again. Now, Alex has returned for his 7th treatment. Below is a short compilation of … read more

Life After Stem Cell Therapy [Video]


Stem Cell therapy for Cerebral Palsy Patient Flynn Flynn Rigby is a 13-year-old boy from Cairns, Australia who was born 16 weeks premature. His parents noticed that every stage of Flynn’s development was delayed. In particular, his fine motor skills and speech were affected. On consulting doctors and specialists, Flynn … read more

Twins with Cerebral Palsy See Improvements from Treatment


Triplets Ali, Abdulla, and Mohamed were born premature at 25 weeks, all suffering from cerebral hemorrhaging. Due to the bleeding Ali passed away after 3 months. While the twins Abdulla and Mohamed survived, both had serious problems in the intensive care unit; Abdulla had a shunt but he was more … read more