Ataxia Patient with Incredible Stem Cell Treatment Success Seeks Second Treatment [Video]

Riaan Van Der Merwe Ataxia stem cell patient with staff at the Beike hospital in China

In 2011 an Ataxia patient named Riaan Van Der Merwe underwent stem cell therapy with us in China. The results were astounding. In 2015 however, his condition is relapsing and he is now hoping to undergo high-dose stem cell therapy in Thailand. As we know, Ataxia is a progressive condition which attacks … read more

A Hug From Hunter

Hunter and family at BBH Hospital during their Stem Cell Treatment in June of 2014

Hunter is a patient that recently received treatment for Cerebral Palsy in early June. Shortly after the first few treatments, Hunter’s mom wrote about some exciting improvements: One excerpt from June after 5 of 6 treatments: “Tonight Hunter was sitting on my lap and I was on Facebook when I … read more

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