Can stem cells help cerebral palsy?


Before getting into the details of how and why, let’s answer the most important question: can stem cell treatment (also known as stem cell transplants) help you or your loved one with cerebral palsy? Yes, yes it can. Will it cure cerebral palsy completely? No. However, to understand how we’ve … read more

Study Finds Umbilical Cord Derived Stem Cells Effective in Cerebral Palsy Patients


A study has been done on the efficacy of human umbilical cord blood mesenchymal stem cell infusion for children with cerebral palsy. CP currently has two generally successful methods of treatment, stem cell therapy and rehabilitation. Typically, in stem cell therapy it is more convenient to use human umbilical cord … read more

U.S. Cord Blood Bank May Help Characterize Cerebral Palsy Patients, Study Shows


Study for Cerebral Palsy Patients At Longitudinal Umbilical Stem Cell Monitoring and Treatment Research (LUSTRE), a private U.S. cord blood bank, researchers say registry data may be able to provide important insight into patients with cerebral palsy. The study compared children with cerebral palsy enrolled in LUSTRE to children of the … read more

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