CP Patient Returns for 7th Round Treatment


Two years ago in November of 2014 we documented CP patient Alexandru’s returns for his 7th stem cell treatment (watch below) and just six months later we received a home video from his parents showing him walking once again. Now, Alex has returned for his 7th treatment. Below is a short compilation of … read more

Stroke Patient Debbie Zagone Undergoes Adult Stem Cell Treatment [Video]

Debbie Stroke Stem Cell Patient

In late 2014 a Stroke Patient Debbie Zagone suffered an ischemic stroke. Not satisfied with the conventional treatment she and her husband decided to seek out alternative treatments and discovered Beike Biotechnology. Beike comprehensive stem cell therapy has been used to treat over 22,500 patients with various chronic conditions. Stroke patient … read more

Yoga Instructor Kevin Naidoo Discusses Vision Improvements After Stem Cell Treatment [Video]


Kevin Naidoo, a yoga instructor from Saskatoon, Canada recently returned home from his stem cell treatment “adventure” in Bangkok, Thailand to treat his Optic Nerve Atrophy (ONA) which was caused by Glaucoma, which is an increase of intra-ocular pressure that can damage the optic nerve. His treatment utilized adult stem … read more

SCI Stem Cell Patient Jack Pearce Returns Home, Releases Documentary [Video]


In July United States-based spinal cord injury (SCI) patient Jack Pearce and his wife Ellie traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to document himself receiving adult stem cell treatment combined with an epidural stimulator to dispel or validate these procedures for the SCI community. To do this he worked with the treatment center Better … read more

Dr. Ice, Acupuncture Specialist Visits Beike Headquarters


This month the Beike Headquarters was treated to a visit from Dr. Augchara Yaovapak, or more simply known to Better Being Hospital patients as Dr. Ice. Within Beike and Better Being’s continued collaborations, Dr. Ice acupuncture specialist will help oversee patient’s medical forms and build their stem cell treatment plan … read more