Turkish CP Patients First Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatment for Turkish CP patient and drastic improvements

Turkish CP Patient Yusuf Tas was born just a over a year and a half ago with cerebral palsy, a condition that affects from 1.5 to more than 4 per 1,000 live births globally and is the most common motor disability in children.

Turkish CP Patient Yusuf’s major symptoms included an inability to express himself outside of crying, spasticity or stiffness in his hands and body, and a lack of concentration or awareness among other things. After undergoing a comprehensive stem cell treatment plan catered to cerebral palsy during a trip to a treatment center in Thailand in August, he has seen drastic improvements to these symptoms and his general quality of life.

Below is a testimonial shared by Yusuf’s mother and used with consent. The message is translated from Turkish and modified for clarity.

“Before the treatment Turkish CP Patient Yusuf had just the ability of crying. However, after the treatment he can make different sounds to express what he wants. For example, when he wants some water, he moves towards his bottle and he makes different sounds. We are really surprised that he murmurs and he can pronounce some letters such as d, b and ç (it sounds like ch).


Before the treatment, his upper limbs had contractions and he wasn’t able to open and use his hands. We can now easily see that he opens his palms, and he is starting to hold objects near him and he plays with them. He even didn’t look at his toys before the treatment, now he plays with lots of his toys.

When I left him somewhere in the house, he never moved, but now he can move and crawl 3 meters away. He didn’t have any attempt to turn around, but now he can turn around by himself. He couldn’t stay in a crawling position, but now he can hold his body for 6 – 7 seconds in a crawling position.

His reactions have also increased incredibly. He looks at his father kindheartedly; he touches our faces. In addition, if he doesn’t want something around him, he explains it with his facial expressions. In the past, he couldn’t seperate his arms from his body, but after the treatment he can touch his ears, face and nose. He is aware of his body parts and he looks happy. All these developments have been happening after the stem cell treatment, and I personally believe that he will be better and I’m thankful for all these improvements.”

Yusuf Tas: Stem Cell treatment for Cerebral Palsy Aquatherapy

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