Update on Cerebral Palsy Patient Alex [Video]

In November of 2014 we documented Alexandru’s stem cell treatment for Cerebral Palsy. Six months after this treatment we received a home video from his parents showing him walking once again (see below).

Alex back home in Romania walking on his own during physical therapy.

As shown in our previous testimonial, Alex received stem cell treatment with Beike Biotechnology protocols 5 times in China, and the sixth time in Thailand. However, before coming to Thailand, he underwent a surgery to fix the rotation on his legs which ended up being a major setback in his mobility. That surgery had to be repeated 4 times with no results. So, the family once again chose stem cell therapy to recover what was lost.

Below is a short interview with his parents detailing his past and the continuous improvements they have seen since their last stem cell treatment (translated by our Romanian representative).

Please describe Alexandru’s physical state before stem cell treatment. What CP symptoms was he experiencing?

Before starting any cell therapy, Alex’s condition was very serious. He could only crawl on his hands and knees and his communication and intellectual abilities were far behind his age group.

How did you hear about stem cell therapy and Beike Biotechnology, and what did you think of the technology and protocols?

We learned about stem cell therapy through mass media and also through a Romanian patient named Gabi who had stem cell treatment for a spinal cord injury with Beike Biotech. After meeting him and other patients who had successful treatments we decided to give it a try.

After the first two stem cell transplants Alex started to notice significant improvements in his motor function and communication. However his third treatment in Shijiazhuang, China was where we really saw drastic, lasting changes in Alex. The treatments were very professional.

What were your expectations about treatment before going to Thailand?

We were just hoping to get back to where we were before the unsuccessful operations in Romania. We started to see him progress very shortly after.

What were the results, how long did it take until you notice results? How is she now?

The real results began to show six months after and as you see in the video the results are above our expectations. He also started to communicate much better with his teacher and with us.

Please write and anything else you wish to share with us about his condition, BBH, stem cell therapy, etc.

We are thankful for the therapists and wish we could have all of them with us back here at home. It is a bit difficult for patients to adapt to the new therapists when they leave Better Being Hospital. Alex and our whole family are so thankful for your help.

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