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    [Video Update] Jack Pearce returns for intensive Stem Cell program

    As you may know, in the summer of 2015 Jack Pearce underwent our revolutionary spinal epidural stimulation and stem cell treatment program with much success. Within weeks he regained voluntary movement just as all others who have utilized this breakthrough technology have. A key factor in the speed of improvement compared to similar programs is the comprehensive treatment protocol combining Beike Biotechnology’s proprietary allogenic stem cells and a functional medicine based rehabilitation program, Stem Cell Plus+™. For this round of treatment Jack received a total of 10 allogenic umbilical cord derived stem cell injections, consisting of 6 umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell packs (UCMSCs) and 4 umbilical cord blood stem cell packs (UCBSCs) totaling a minimum of 410 million stem cells. These were administered via intravenous and lumbar puncture injection.

    Since last July, Jack has achieved some incredible feats on his way to independence including finishing the Brooks Challenge Mile with a much improved time due to increased endurance, improved temperature control, sensation, muscle mass, flexibility and grasping strength. For full details watch the update video and see the Health Evaluation Survey results below.

    Watch now: Jack’s Update 6 months after his initial treatment

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    Below are results from Jack’s Health Evaluation Survey 6 months post-treatment:

    Improved temperature control and ability to deal with cool temperatures

    Increased muscle mass and strength in arms and shoulders
    was able to improve 1 mile roll from 1 hr 6 minutes prior to treatment to 30 minutes 6 months after
    able to raise from leaning to side with little effort
    able to transfer without any support/help
    able to do weight shifts in wheelchair with little effort, can raise for 2 minutes
    able to transfer to couches and back with effort (going uphill can be challenging)
    able to easily open refrigerator door

    Increased sensitivity
    back of legs, buttocks and entire core are now sensitive to light tough
    can feel pressure on my stomach when compressed
    core muscles below nipple line recently activated

    Improved balance/strength
    able to raise arm 90 degrees without falling forward, working on both at same time
    able to easily undress at side of bed and cross legs to remove sneakers and socks
    core muscles below nipple line recently activated

    Improved grasping
    able to hold electric razor with one hand and shave

    Improved flexibility
    able to reach knuckles to floor from wheelchair sides and almost front

    To follow Jack’s improvements follow Beike Biotechnology on Facebook page or YouTube channel to receive a notification as new updates are released. For more information about this breakthrough treatment click below.

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