Christopher “Kit” Bond – Spinal Cord Injury Stem Cell Patient

Kit Bond knows the most advanced stem cell therapies available to spinal cord injury patients as both a researcher and a patient. This video was shot near the end of his second round of umbilical cord blood stem cell transplants in Qingdao China. His very first treatment involved stem cell implantation along his spine in Portugal. Adult stem cell therapy does not present a magic bullet cure for any condition today. Spinal cord injury patients do not "rise and walk" following injections of adult stem cells. They must combine transplants with aggressive physical therapy to draw the cells toward needed areas much as white blood cells follow a notification system to injury or infection sites. In this video Kit talks about his decision to come to China and try a treatment not allowed in the US--and the improvements he's seen as a result of the treatment. Safe adult stem cell therapies are available today in China offering real quality of life improvements to patients. If you are interested in treatment options available today please visit StemCellsChina.com and submit an inquiry.

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