Connor – Optic Disorder Adult Stem Cell Patient

Connor's stay in China saw him regain light perception for the first time since he was a baby. A child who would play in either lit or unlit rooms unaware of the light, in China he began to notice lights turning on and off. Connor's condition has been diagnosed as Leber's Congenital Amaurosis, a disorder whose diagnosis has been questioned by his mother. But the use of adult stem cells to coax a little life back into the optic nerve is fast becoming a common, if unheard of in the West, treatment for optic disorders. Adult stem cells are not a cure for his disorder but his family believes gaining any light perception is better than the alternative. Connor loves Cher's music. He raised money for the stem cell treatments singing his favorite songs--and Cher's at the top of the list. After his adult stem cell treatment in China Connor was able to travel to Las Vegas to meet her before he headed back to Australia. We enjoyed his sample of her music he sang for us in Qingdao. To see more videos of patients undergoing adult stem cell treatments in China head over to stemcellschina.com.

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