Dakota Clarke – SOD Stem Cell Patient

Dakota Clarke came to Qingdao to receive adult stem cells to treat her septo-optic dysplasia in early 2009. In this interview shot near the end of their time in China her mother discussed their experience and Cody's condition at the time. The BBC crew following the family produced a segment claiming we called her improvements "nothing short of a miracle". While we are happy for the Clarke family we do not claim miracles and have not done so here. Septo-optic dysplasia leads to many complications--including blindness. While the BBC program focused on her vision, the Clarke family still claims that they've witnessed numerous improvements in her overall health including her vision. We are grateful for the opportunity to present the Clarke family's side of the story here. Stem cell therapy, to this date, cannot provide a "cure" for any condition. The adult stem cell therapies available in China today may provide quality-of-life improvements.

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