Better Being Hospital and Beike Biotechnology Reaffirm Partnership

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Beike Biotechnology and Better Being Hospital Reaffirm Partnership to Start 2016

The end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 hosted some important meetings between the management of Better Being Hospital (BBH) and their cell therapy provider, Beike Biotechnology. The 4th quarter of 2015 started with Dr. Ice of BBH visiting Beike’s state of the art headquarters in Shenzhen, China with the rest of the medical staff and management visiting in December to see the new accredited laboratories in the Beike Building. Then, to start off the new year, Beike’s Chief Operating Officer Enrico Bisello made a trip to Bangkok to visit the patients currently undergoing treatment and to reaffirm BBH and Beike’s partnership and long term commitment to helping patients.

In 2016 both Better Being Hospital and Beike are dedicated to continually improving the treatment process and procedures for a better treatment experience.

The hospital will continue to add services and infrastructure to better support the various needs of patients coming to Thailand for adult stem cell treatment while Beike continues to lead the way in research and innovation on the cell therapy field. BBH will even introduce an award for the department which best serves patients. The winning department will be decided by vote from all the patients who visit the hospital this year. Beike’s international department is revamping the entire acceptance process, including a website update, to provide a more streamlined service for patients as well as providing the best source of information for those interested in cell therapies. Additionally, Beike will continue to keep staff full-time in Thailand to support international patients.

As always, Beike Biotechnology is the premiere cell therapy provider for Better Being Hospital.

Beike's Chief Operating Officer Enrico Bisello visited the patients in BBH.
Beike’s Chief Operating Officer Enrico Bisello visited the patients in BBH.

Better Being Hospital and Beike Biotechnology wish patients past and future a successful 2016.