Cerebral palsy (CP) Male, 3 years old, April 2019

Summary Diagnosis Sex Age Nationality Cerebral Palsy Male 3 American (USA) Admission date Discharge date 2019-03-31 2019-04-22 Condition On Admission In late 2016, the patient was admitted to the hospital with a severe response to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). After 4 days he was medevaced by air to a major … read more

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) Male, 16 years old, June 2019

Summary Diagnosis Sex Age Nationality Autism Male 16 British (UK) Admission date Discharge date 2019-06-02 2019-08-16 Condition On Admission The patient was non-verbal communication and not very cooperative with sign language or the use of Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). Does use both communication skills when he wants something and … read more