Below are a series of stories and videos of our patients on their experience with both their stem cell treatment and the hospital staff and facilities. Stories include blog-like posts detailing initial fears and expectations, opinions of staff and treatment, and improvements experienced or witnessed after returning home. Videos are on-site interviews of patients and families that show some of the supportive therapies in action, as well as some of the improvements gained from current or previous treatment sessions.

Patient Stories

Ana ischemic stroke patient

Ischemic Stroke Patient Improves After Stem Cells

Ischemic stroke is the most common form of stroke, caused by a narrowing or blockage of blood flow in the … read more

Seizure-Free after Stem Cells treatment

⏲️ 4 mins read Lorenzo was born in Brazil mid-November 2014 with only 28 weeks of gestation. Due to extreme … read more

Saif during a physiotherapy session

Muscular Dystrophy patient returns for the 6th Stem Cell treatment

⏲️ 3 mins read Saif, a 15-year-old boy from the United States is back for his 6th treatment with Beike … read more

Video Testimonials


Families with Cerebral Palsy (CP) diagnosed children talk about Stem Cell Treatment Experience

After a successful first stem cell treatment in Thailand in 2019, six young people with cerebral palsy travelled again from … read more


Leonid, Cerebral Palsy | Stem Cell Treatment Testimonial

Leonid was born premature at 25 weeks and was reanimated at birth. On his first day of life he suffered … read more


Hubert & Zuzanna, Cerebral Palsy CP | Stem Cell Treatment Testimonial

Hubert and Zuzanna are two Polish children living with cerebral palsy. Longtime family friends, both families decided to receive stem … read more

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