From A to Z – The Complete Treatment Experience

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If you’re reading this, it means you’re interested in stem cell therapy for yourself or a loved one. This article will cover all aspects of our treatment, from how to contact us to aftercare. Enjoy your reading!

Starting point

We strongly advise you to begin exploring our entire website. The conditions we treat, the types of cells we have, the injection methods we use, the types of rehabilitation we provide at our facility center, and our patient stories and video testimonials that we prepare with great care and enthusiasm. Our social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, are rich in information and worth exploring.

After you’ve got a sense of what our treatment entails, contact one of our representatives. You can go here and choose the language with which you are most comfortable.

Please fill out all your information correctly so one of our representatives can contact you within 48 hours.

Speaking with our representatives

When one of our representatives contacts you via e-mail or phone number, they will kindly ask you to complete a medical form that is essential to comprehend the patient’s condition and how we can assist. This form will be sent to our doctors and revised. If the patient is accepted, the representative will notify you and guide you through the next steps.

Our representatives are highly experienced and have a complete understanding of our treatment; they will explain all of the details to you and recommend the best protocol based on your condition. We have a variety of protocols that have been proven to be the most effective combination to provide more efficient treatment. Our standard protocol begins with 6 to 8 packs of stem cells, each pack containing 20 million mesenchymal stem cells.

During your conversations with our representative, they will also discuss treatment costs, suggest accommodation options, visa details, and organize the best date to begin and end the treatment that suits you best based on our availability.

The Treatment

Once you’ve settled everything, it’s time to fly to our treatment facility. It is important to bring all of your exams from home so that our doctors can examine them.

Someone from our facility center will meet you just outside the arrival area of the airport at one of the gates (you will be informed of this prior to your arrival). Our team will transport you to the accommodation you selected with your representative and hand you the action plan which is all the information and timings of your consultations, assessments, therapies, and stem cells days. You will have a better idea of how your treatment will appear.

Depending on the day of the week you arrive, you will typically have all consultations, assessments, and blood tests completed the next day.

Patients’ food will be delivered to their accommodations three times per day; we strongly advise patients to eat only what our facility prepares because it is all calculated based on each patient’s condition and health needs. Read more here: The Importance of Nutritional Support in the Treatment of Stem Cells

3 to 5 therapy sessions are performed daily, based on your protocol and the length of your treatment. The therapies offered are physiotherapy, aqua therapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – It is important to emphasize that the final decision on therapies will be made during the initial assessments on the first treatment day. You can read more about our therapies here.

Any problems or questions can be easily resolved by one of our representatives at the facility center. They will be in contact with you on a daily basis throughout your program.

Before you go home, a new assessment and doctor consultation will be performed to discuss the “home program,” which is what we expect you to continue once you are back home.

Post Treatment

We will keep in touch with you via email to stay updated on the patient’s progress. It is essential that you complete our follow-up forms, which will be sent to you on a regular basis for one year.

When you return home, you will be expected to continue the treatment with our so-called “home program,” which are ways to continue to stimulate the new stem cells transplanted. You can have an idea of the home program by reading this article: How to maximize the benefits of your Stem Cell Therapy