Retrobulbar Injection

Retrobulbar injections (RB) are usually used worldwide to provide local anesthesia in the retrobulbar area (behind the eye). During Beike Biotech stem cell treatment protocol, this type of injection is utilized to deliver stem cells as close as possible from the optic nerve and/or retina in order to better target the site of injury.

Infusion Steps:

The whole procedure is quick and safe (as described below) and usually allows our patients to get more benefits from the treatment. Please note that retrobulbar injections will only be provided to patients older than 11 years old. The final decision will be made by the attending doctor upon admission at the hospital.

  1. The patient is asked to lie down. A disinfectant is then carefully applied on the skin from the lower eyelid margin to the lower orbital rim, respectively.
  2. The patient is asked to look toward the opposite side of the eye being treated and look slightly up. If the injection is done for the right eye, the patient should look at the top left and vice versa.
  3. A thin needle is then be inserted vertically about 2 millimeters deep in the quadrant between the outside 1/3 and inside 2/3 of the lower orbital rim.
  4. The needle passes the equator of the eye globe and is then directed towards the upper nasal site until it is about 3 centimeters in depth. Stem cells are then be injected into the the retrobulbar space.
  5. Once the injection is done, the needle is gently removed and the ocular globe is intermittently compressed with disinfected bandages for several minutes. Normally, the entire procedure is completed in about 15 minutes and the injection itself is done in few seconds.