Ischemic Stroke Patient Improves After Stem Cells

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Ischemic stroke is the most common form of stroke, caused by a narrowing or blockage of blood flow in the brain. As a result of this lack of blood flow, cells begin to die and this can cause irreparable damage.

When Ana had an ischemic stroke a few years ago, it seemed that every part of her body was affected. She was left struggling to move any part of her body, became speechless, and even struggled to swallow. She and her family, like many others, were offered few options and given little hope of improvement. She reported feeling “hopeless with conventional treatments that did not have much effect.” However, like so many of our patients at Beike, Ana would not take “no” for an answer, and she and her family researched as much as they could about stroke recovery.

We were told that Beike was the most skilled and experienced in this field.

It was through this search that they found the Beike website, which surprised and impressed them with new ideas and innovative technology that could help Ana. Even more convincing were the videos and stories of patients that had previously been treated. After reaching out to a few other Brazilian patients that had made the trek out to Thailand, “we were told that Beike was the most skilled and experienced in this field.” Ana decided that she would give stem cell therapy a shot.

“It was very different since we had never left the country before, however we were very well received by the team of Beike which made it easy to stay in Thailand.” Her family adapted quickly and settled into their temporary home, and described the staff as “sensational.” Before beginning, the hope was to see any type of improvement, and possibly to accelerate that improvement. Ana participated in Beike’s supportive therapies, which are a major part of stem cell therapy.

Ana receiving TMS therapy

Supportive therapies are valuable in many ways to the patient, such as exercising unused muscles and allowing the patient and staff to understand current limits and know exactly when those limits have been broken. But stem cells “benefit” from the supportive therapies as well. By moving muscles, the body is reminded of the areas that don’t work so well. This helps the newly injected stem cells find their way to the locations that need healing.

anyone who has the opportunity should go for it.

Ana and her family are happy to report that the treatment has been well worth it. Since her treatment, Ana has experienced “improvement in breathing, coordination, reduced salivation, improvement in vision, increased muscle strength, [and] improvement in balance.” Her energy has increased as well. When asked if they would recommend stem cell treatment to other people, the response was “anyone who has the opportunity should go for it.” We wish Ana all the best and hope that she sees many more improvements in the coming months!