Renzo is Coming Back for Stem Cell Treatment

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Cerebral palsy patient is back for stem cell treatment

Beike Biotechnology is glad to inform all our readers that Renzo Centurión has come back to us for a second round of stem cells and he is currently staying at the Better Being Hospital undergoing his new treatment. Renzo is a very special young man from Argentina who was treated last year for his condition at one of Beike’s associate hospitals in Shenzhen, China.

What is the cause of Renzo cerebral palsy condition?

Due to some complications during his birth, he suffered from an hypoxia that affected his brain and caused him to develop cerebral palsy, which partially affected his motor skills. Back in 2013, the Centurión Family had managed to raise funds in order to come to China to undergo a stem cell treatment at one of Beike ́s facilities. During their time with us, Renzo started noticing huge results in his condition. For the first time in his life, he was able to use his right hand to eat, he was able to walk quicker, he was more agile moving his fingers and had improved his motor skills, which helped him become more independent.

Both of his parents, Quique and Viviana, were completely surprised with his evolution. Before coming to China for stem cells, they faced the same trials and tribulations many families have to endure when they have a child with a condition like Renzo’s. Most doctors back in Argentina said that his case was hopeless and there was no possible room for improvement. Luckily, they resolved to continue for their child’s sake, despite the naysayers, and after some research they came across the story of another child from Argentina with a condition similar to Renzo’s who had aslo been treated with stem cells and whose evolution had been very positive.

For some time, Quique and Viviana organized a campaign called Juntos por Renzo (Together for Renzo), in their home province of Resistencia. Once they had enough funds, they contacted Beike Biotechnology in order to book their first round of stem cells.

The campaign continued once they returned and they were able to come now for a second time, though this moment it is in Thailand. Right now, the Centurión family is enjoying their stay at the Better Being hospital and the many wonders this country has to offer.

Moreover, last week, Renzo celebrated his birthday at the hospital, he has just turned 13 and he is hopeful that this year will bring him the same amount improvements last year did. We all wish Renzo and his family the same luck they had in China!


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