SCI Stem Cell Patient Jack Pearce Returns Home, Releases Documentary [Video]

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In July United States-based spinal cord injury (SCI) patient Jack Pearce and his wife Ellie traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to document himself receiving adult stem cell treatment combined with an epidural stimulator to dispel or validate these procedures for the SCI community. To do this he worked with the treatment center Better Being Hospital and stem cell producer Beike Biotechnology Co., Ltd to create a six-part video series to document the various aspects of the treatment and to track his improvements. These results are to be validated by Brooks Rehabilitation in Jacksonville, Florida who did pre-treatment assessments and will monitor the ongoing stem cell activity and continue his physical therapy with the epidural stimulator. Jack is now safely home in Florida and is taking stock of his improvements and preparing for the next stage of documentation.

Jack’s treatment plan was comprehensive; a 60-day routine which included adult stem cell therapy from umbilical cord blood and tissues, functional medicine-based physical and occupational therapy, and the implantation of an electrical epidural stimulator. The stem cells were umbilical cord derived mesenchymal stem cells (UCMSCs) and were administered via lumbar puncture and intravenous injection.

The initial improvements gave Jack the confidence to travel home independently, something he was anxious about prior. Major improvements so far included slight muscle activity in his left ankle as seen in an electromyogram (EMG). Initial tests at Brooks Rehabilitation showed no activity in both legs. Another major milestone was the ability to voluntarily lift his legs while at an incline due to the epidural stimulator. Besides these, bladder control, core strength, temperature tolerance and energy levels also saw strong improvement.

The video documentary was co-produced by Jack himself and aims to give an unbiased, medically documented look at this breakthrough treatment. Jack plans to return to Thailand in six months for a second round of stem cell treatment and to create a follow-up documentary based on his post-treatment assessments.

“Independence Days” Part 1 | Jack Pearce SCI Stem Cell Documentary

“Independence Days” Part 2 | Jack Pearce SCI Stem Cell Documentary

“Independence Days” Part 3 | Jack Pearce SCI Stem Cell Documentary

“Independence Days” Part 4 | Jack Pearce SCI Stem Cell Documentary

“Independence Days” Part 5 | Jack Pearce SCI Stem Cell Documentary

“Independence Days” Part 6 | Jack Pearce SCI Stem Cell Documentary

To follow Jack’s improvements follow Beike Biotechnology on Facebook page or YouTube channel to receive a notification as each part of the documentary is released. For more information about this breakthrough treatment click below.


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